• Participants' tech comfort
  • Computers and tech in classroom-word processing and research
  • Used in classroom two years ago when teaching language arts. Will use again next year.
  • What is a wiki?
  • Anatomy of this wiki

Activity-build personal page in wiki to familiarize users with interface.
  • Click on your name on the linked page.
  • Select Edit Page and create a personal page.
  • Save your edits.

Activity-Found Poem

Structure of Wiki-explore and comment.
  • Create a discussion thread on this page with your name as the discussion topic. Read others' comments and respond.
  • Create a new page to introduce yourself. Play with the page editor tool. Make a link to your page at the bottom of this page. (multiple users editing issue)

Other collaborative spaces?

Future collaboration tools?

  • When and how to use wiki
  • Safe space (not open)
  • accountability (history tab)
  • Access to Internet
  • 21st century skills
  • Access
  • Safety
  • District filtering/blocking
  • Free Speech vs. Copyright
  • Being perceived as tech expert.

Link to Wikispaces educator offer.

You can:
  • Make new pages- Is there a process for this?
  • Add content to existing pages
  • Create discussions for existing pages
  • Join discussions on existing pages

Ground Rules
  • Avoid swearing, put-downs, mean stuff
  • Only change your own personal page, pages you are supposed to change, or pages with permission of page author
  • Use constructive criticism and complements
  • Use formal language in pages that are not personal pages. You may use informal language on personal pages and discussions.
  • Keep to discussion topics (except social page and personal pages)
  • Press "Discard Previous Changes" if that window pops up.

    Haven't read this book yet: Teaching Writing Using Blogs, Wikis, and other Digital Tools