1. Open The History Place in a separate tab and select a speech.
  2. Copy up to 10 lines of the speech into a new discussion thread on this page. Cite the quotation by copying the specific website and today's date. Use your name and the orator's name as the title of your discussion thread.
  3. Read the speech.
  4. Put a line of dashes under the speech.
  5. Select words or phrases that you find meaningful, that build a coherent theme, or are appealing. Copy and paste them below the speech in the order you found them.
  6. Put another line of dashes below this collection of words. Copy and paste your selection of words below this new line. Edit the selection down and revise it to create a poem (This would be much more spelled out for a class of grade school, middle school, or high school students)
  7. When you have finished your poem, click on another discussion link and read a classmate's poem. If there are multiple discussion threads available to read, select one with fewer comments to ensure every student receives some feedback.
  8. Reply to the main posting with what you like about the poem and with any revision suggestions.
  9. Return to your poem to read comments. Copy your poem, paste it in a new reply in your thread, and make revisions as you see fit.