Podcasting with Garageband

Demo podcast to get us started:

Elee and Hedge.m4a

What is a Podcast?

Apple Garageband help page on podcasts

Examples and Tools:

Education Podcast Network
New Tools: Podcasts
ISE Wiki: Podcasts
Cool Tools for Schools: Audio Tools

How to create a Podcast in Garage Band

Garageband help page on creating audio podcasts
Youtube Garageband Tutorials (some content may not be appropriate for school!)

Useful Tools and Suggestions
  • Starting GaragebandScreen_shot_2011-02-21_at_3.01.03_PM.png
  • Renaming a track-Just double-click on the track nameTrackname.png
  • Removing a track-Select the track and press delete
  • Recording-Make sure you have selected the audio track. Make sure it is enabled for recording (there should be a red dot next to the person's outline on the track). Make sure the playhead is where you want the audio to start recording. Click on the record button on the main controls. You can click on the record button or press the space bar to stop recording. Careful editing can remove the sound of these clicks from your final audio track.
  • Adding art-Drag photos from the Media Browser into the Podcast track. You can resize the length the image plays by clicking on the left or right edge and dragging its length shorter or longer. You can move where the image is by clicking on it and dragging it to the left or right.
  • Preview-The small square showing artwork in the Podcast Track is a preview pane. Click on it to see a preview of your podcast.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Left and right arrows move the playhead through the tracks.
    • Space starts and stops playing the podcast
    • Command + R shows the Media Browser
    • Command + T splits the track (useful to remove unwanted parts of the audio track)
    • Look at dropdown menus to find other shortcuts for actions that you regularly use.
  • Saving-Make sure you save your project with a clear filename!
  • Sharing-Share, Send Podcast to iTunes-ACC Encoder and Spoken Podcast

Have fun. Press all the buttons, and turn all the knobs. Use the tooltips (words that appear when you hover the cursor over something), Garageband help, and Apple website help.